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ZAP-Hosting Rechenzentrum in Frankfurt

The location of the data center was chosen carefully. Our Colocation Area is located in the middle of Frankfurt am Main, only a few hundred meters from DE-CIX. DE-CIX is the largest Internet hub and is connected to more than 300 providers in more than 40 countries. Using this enables Gameserver, Teamspeak 3 server and vServer to have the best access times and using shorter routes. Each service unit is connected to 10 – 40 Gbit/s. Read more

ZAP-Hosting Software & Monitoring

Where other providers fail to use highly available monitoring systems and often do not even notice when something is not working, we have been developing our own monitoring systems by our own programmers for years. In the event of a failure, at least two technicians are informed on a standby cell phone via SMS carriers. This is the only way to react quickly. If a failure actually occurs, it often is not noticeable by our customers due to fast reaction times. Read more

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