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About the game

Teeworlds is a free open-source 2D Run’n’Gun game where you can control small Tees. Five official game modes are currently available, but the community offers a lot of free game modes for your Teeworld server hosting.

The aim of the game is to defeat your opponents with a hammer, a gun, a shotgun, a laser weapon or a rocket launcher. As a great extra, a sword swings randomly around the map – the so-called “Katana“, which makes you to a ninja.

Thanks to a lot of modifications, you can also take part in standard battles as well as time races or simply explore a city and run jobs. An in-game map editor allows you to create your own map and upload it via FTP.

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3.60/Mo Teeworlds Server Hosting
  • Full access via FTP install updates with only a mouse click
  • Ingame console for sending commands etc.
  • EasyConfig for understanding and editing the server settings
  • Backup creation and recovery with only a mouse click

Teeworlds Server Hosting

Highend server hosting
  • SSD server systems Faster booting times, best Teeworlds server performance
  • Intel E5-2650v4 processors High-performance processors from Intel for optimal uptimes and servers free from lagging
  • 328GB DDR4-RAM per host system, assigned depending on slots & RAM boost for your Teeworlds game server
  • Easy payment & online instantly via PaySafeCard, PayPal, Call2Pay, HandyPay, Bitcoin or instant bank transfer
  • Prepaid or contract server, with ZAP there’s a right choice for everyone!

Teeworld Server Hosting

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07 Tage 30 Tage 90 Tage 360 Tage
12 SLOTS 3.60 EURO
13 SLOTS 3.90 EURO
14 SLOTS 4.20 EURO
15 SLOTS 4.50 EURO
16 SLOTS 4.80 EURO
Rent your Teeworlds Server

You would like to rent your own Teeworlds server to play your own modifcation or even your own map? Just rent your own Teeworlds server and configure your dream server as you want to. Of course, you can upload self-made maps to host them. There are just as many other settings as you want to on your own Teeworlds server.

You want to set the map cycle or host only one map? Adjust the settings as you like them. This is the only way to guarantee the greatest fun. Of course, it’s up to you if you want to host official game modes or if you create your own one.

ZAP-Hosting software & support
Once you have tried DDRace, you know that lags can be extremely disturbing. That’s exactly why we offer you a Teeworlds server hosting on high-performance hardware with a free DDoS-Protection to guarantee you the best possible fun.

Additionally, your server is running on the most recent hardware and has access to our central storage system. Due to that, you can always create backups for your server. If you need help doing that, our support is there to help you out every day.

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