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If you would like to create your own website or want to make an already created one available on the internet, you have to get a suitable webspace. We offer you a high-quality webspace hosting, which gives you an easy introduction without problem.

Our servers shine with a high-quality DDoS protection, which guarantees you a permanent accessibility of your server. In addition, we only use super-fast SSD hard drives and a very good connection, which ensures that your webspace hosting is within milliseconds to reach from anywhere.

In order for your Internet presence to be a success, we recommend you to buy a TL domain (eg in addition to your webhosting package. Click HERE to check if your desired domain is still available.

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0.99 Webspace Hosting
  • Fast SSD Hard Drives, for a fast data processing
  • Powerful CPU, strong systems for full power
  • Lightning fast connection, for very short loading times
  • Sufficient storage space, to meet your needs
  • Easy handling, thanks to our innovative web interface


Domain + Webspace renting
  • Domains, Matching TL-Domain directly to the webspace
  • Strategic location, Optimal pings by location Frankfurt am Main
  • Your choice, at ZAP you have the possibility to choose your package individually
  • Instant online, after payment received within a few seconds
  • Uncomplicated payment, on all common payment methods
  • Prepaid or contract server, ZAP is the right thing for everyone!

Webhosting Renting

Simply select and order a suitable offer!

Rent a Webspace

After the order, your webspace will be fully automated installed, so you can make your website available worldwide within seconds. A Plesk access allows you to manage your webspace with your e-mail addresses easily via an seperate interface.

Likewise, you get a free FTP access, which allows you to upload your script files quickly and easily to your webspace. After the upload you do not need to change anything in Plesk, instead your internet presence is updated directly.

If you do not know what size your webhosting should have, you can start small and upgrade at any time using just a mouse click. So you do not have to spend too much money at the beginning.

ZAP-Hosting Software & Support

Depending on the size chosen, you can create as many e-mail addresses as the package allows. These are directly active and can be reached either via webmail or even via an e-mail program.

To ensure that your webspace is always online and very fast to reach, your webspace is installed on fast and most-recent hardware. To support the server, it is protected with a free DDoS protection to prevent any attacks.

If you have any questions or problems concerning your webspace, please contact our support team. Our support is available every day from 10:30 AM – 10:30 PM MEZ and will help you out. We are, among other, available to reach via ticket, e-mail, telephone or even WhatsApp.

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