Save 50% on game-servers and teamspeak servers with voucher code

👍 Save 50% on game-servers and teamspeak servers with voucher code 🚀
Get a game-server + TS server and save 50%The weekend is here and we have new voucher codes for you. This time you can save with the following voucher codes over this weekend until Saturday, 20.04.2024, 50% on the 1st payment of your next game-server and Teamspeak server.
Therefor this time there are 2 voucher codes, one with which you save on game-servers, and the other with which you save on Teamspeak servers. With this you can rent a game-server + Teamspeak server at a reduced price and play and chat with your friends.Voucher code for game-servers gameserver-12042024Voucher code for Teamspeak servers teamspeak-12042024

The following links will take you directly to our game-servers and Teamspeak servers:Game-server hostingTeamspeak server hostingNew game-servers available
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Major Updates for Palworld and Conan Exiles – Get a server now

👍 Major Updates for Palworld and Conan Exiles - Get a server now 🚀
Palworld Has Received a Major UpdatePalworld has received a major update introducing the first Raid Boss for Palworld. Other additions of the update include new items, changes to Pals, improved filters for the base, improvements to the user interface, the option to assign Pals specific tasks, balance changes, bug fixes, and more. Bug fixes were also applied to the dedicated servers, and an experimental REST API has been added. You can find the full list of changes here. You can rent Palworld servers through the following link:Palworld server hostingAge of War - Chapter 4 for Conan Exiles Has Been ReleasedAge of War - Chapter 4 has been released for Conan Exiles. The update offers new features such as the Sacred Hunt event, expanded purges, fatalities, the new Ballista, improvements to the Battle Pass, Quality of ...

Maximize your server performance with LED lighting

👍 Maximize your server performance with LED lighting 🚀
Now available: LED option for servers for maximum gaming performanceEvery gamer knows this: For the best gaming performance, your own PC and its components must shine brighter and more colorful than a Christmas tree!
What many of you may not know: This applies not only to PCs but also to servers! That's why we are now offering the additional option to add LED lighting to your servers. You can even choose between different colors to maximize performance for your favorite games:
Red for maximum FPS performance, Green for maximum survival game performance, and Blue for maximum racing game performance!
And the best part? We are offering this upgrade exclusively on Easter Monday, April 01, 2024, free of charge for you! So, get a server now with additional LED lighting for maximum gaming performance!
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New game-servers: Sunkenland

We have now added servers for the survival game Sunkenland. You can rent servers for Sunkenland via the following link:
SunkenlandThe Sunkenland servers require initial setup, where the world is loaded onto the server. We have created a guide for this purpose:
Guide: Initial Setup Sunkenland ServerIn addition, we have added servers for the following Minecraft modpacks, and all newly ordered servers will be set up immediately. You can rent the servers via the following links:
Cottage WithAll the Mods Gravitas 2NeoForge