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Rent An ARK: Survival Evolved Server

About the game

ARK: Survival Evolved is a survival game based on the prehistory. Adding to the usual survival elements, there’s a lot of distinct innovations, like being able to tame dinosaurs and other ancient creatures. But before that’s possible, you’ll have to start by taking small steps by gathering food, clothes and creating a safe environment. It’s not unusual for the game to take place in longer sessions due to the taming progress requiring a lot of time and patience even for the smallest monsters.

Of course your server contains the great Ragnarok map and can be activated using just a simple configuration. Ragnarok gives you unlimited fun in over 144 km² of space with new creatures and abilities. The map is rounded off with very detailed, active volcanoes, which can erupt at any time.

Of course you don’t want to get bored during your extensive hunting sessions. By doing so you have to play with other players on your own server. ARK: Survival Evolved offers a multiplayer mode including alot of fun with you and your friends. To play with others you can take usage of our prepaid servers and at the same time profit from our great uptimes and child-friendly configuration. So you and your friends won’t ever have to worry about being interrupted while constructing your base.

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6.90/Mo Prepaid Ark: Survival Evolved Server
  • Full access via FTP, install upgrades with only a mouse click
  • Ingame console for sending commands etc.
  • Steam Workshop Installer Select your Mods, restart, done!
  • EasyConfig for understanding and editing the server settings
  • Backup creation and recovery with only a mouse click

Ark: Survival Evolved Server

Highend server hosting
  • SSD server systems faster booting times, best ARK server performance
  • Intel E5-2650v4 processors high-performance processors from Intel for optimal uptimes and servers free from lagging
  • 328GB DDR4-RAM per host system, assigned depending on slots & RAM boost for your ARK game server
  • Easy payment & online instantly via PaySafeCard, PayPal, Call2Pay, HandyPay, Bitcoin or instant bank transfer
  • Prepaid or contract server, with ZAP there’s a right choice for everyone!
Lifetime server not available

Ark: Survival Evolved Game Server

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Booking periods

Graduations of prices
07 Days 30 Days 90 Days 360 Days
10 SLOTS 6.90 EURO
12 SLOTS 8.28 EURO
14 SLOTS 9.66 EURO
16 SLOTS 11.04 EURO
18 SLOTS 12.42 EURO
20 SLOTS 13.80 EURO
22 SLOTS 15.18 EURO
24 SLOTS 16.56 EURO
26 SLOTS 17.94 EURO
28 SLOTS 19.32 EURO
30 SLOTS 20.70 EURO
32 SLOTS 22.08 EURO
34 SLOTS 23.46 EURO
36 SLOTS 24.84 EURO
38 SLOTS 26.22 EURO
40 SLOTS 27.60 EURO
42 SLOTS 28.98 EURO
44 SLOTS 30.36 EURO
46 SLOTS 31.74 EURO
48 SLOTS 33.12 EURO
50 SLOTS 34.50 EURO
52 SLOTS 35.88 EURO
54 SLOTS 37.26 EURO
56 SLOTS 38.64 EURO
58 SLOTS 40.02 EURO
60 SLOTS 41.40 EURO
62 SLOTS 42.78 EURO
64 SLOTS 44.16 EURO
66 SLOTS 45.54 EURO
68 SLOTS 46.92 EURO
70 SLOTS 48.30 EURO
72 SLOTS 49.68 EURO
74 SLOTS 51.06 EURO
76 SLOTS 52.44 EURO
78 SLOTS 53.82 EURO
80 SLOTS 55.20 EURO
82 SLOTS 56.58 EURO
84 SLOTS 57.96 EURO
86 SLOTS 59.34 EURO
88 SLOTS 60.72 EURO
90 SLOTS 62.10 EURO
92 SLOTS 63.48 EURO
94 SLOTS 64.86 EURO
96 SLOTS 66.24 EURO
98 SLOTS 67.62 EURO
100 SLOTS 69.00 EURO
102 SLOTS 70.38 EURO
104 SLOTS 71.76 EURO
106 SLOTS 73.14 EURO
108 SLOTS 74.52 EURO
110 SLOTS 75.90 EURO
112 SLOTS 77.28 EURO
114 SLOTS 78.66 EURO
116 SLOTS 80.04 EURO
118 SLOTS 81.42 EURO
120 SLOTS 82.80 EURO
122 SLOTS 84.18 EURO
124 SLOTS 85.56 EURO
126 SLOTS 86.94 EURO
128 SLOTS 88.32 EURO
130 SLOTS 89.70 EURO
Rent a prepaid ARK: Survival Evolved server
With us you receive a smooth ARK: Survival Evolved prepaid game server that is available all around the clock. Whether you’re playing with your friends, your clan or a huge community – our prepaid servers offer just the right thing for everyone. With a choice between up to 127 slots, your server can be perfectly adjusted to the amount of players. Even the configuration is designed to be very easy. All you have to do is log into our web interface and change the settings according to your wishes.

ARK:Survival Evolved instant & save
Whenever your server could start to become more popular, we’re already prepared for it. For any of our game servers, you’ll receive a free DDoS protection covering you from potentional damage. Not only can it be customized individually but it also gives you the chance to track recent and current attacks closely. On top of that, an FTP access to your server provides for a comfortable way to transfer data between your personal computer and your server. If you ever encounter any problems, do not hesitate to get in touch with our daily live support.

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