Get a Gameserver and save 50%

The Steam Summer Sale is here and to go with the sale, we have a voucher code that will save you 50% on your next game-server:


And for the undecided among you, we have created a list with all games reduced on Steam and the corresponding game-servers. The prices and discounts shown are valid for Germany, but usually the discounts are comparable in other regions:
Game on SteamDiscount on SteamPrice on SteamGameservers at ZAP
Blackwake90,00 %0,39 €Blackwake servers
Broke Protocol75,00 %0,99 €Broke Protocol servers
Rising Storm 2: Vietnam75,00 %1,25 € Rising Storm 2: Vietnam servers
Left 4 Dead 280,00 %1,63 €Left 4 Dead 2 servers
Reign of Kings80,00 %1,63 €Reign of Kings servers
Counter-Strike Source80,00 %1,63 €Counter-Strike Source servers
Afterinfection60,00 %2,95 €Afterinfection servers
Among Us20,00 %3,19 €Among Us servers
Onset80,00 %3,39 €Onset servers
Contagion50,00 %3,99 €Contagion servers
Assetto Corsa80,00 %3,99 €Assetto Corsa servers
Dark and Light73,00 %4,04 €Dark and Light servers
Fear the Night67,00 %4,12 €Fear the Night servers
Heat75,00 %4,19 €Heat servers
Outlaws of the Old West75,00 %4,19 €Outlaws of the Old West servers
Project Cars70,00 %4,49 €Project Cars servers
Mount & Blade75,00 %4,99 €Mount & Blade servers
Staxel75,00 %4,99 €Staxel servers
Terraria50,00 %4,99 €Terraria servers
Don't Starve Together66,00 %5,09 €Don't Starve Together servers
Starbound60,00 %5,59 €Starbound servers
Cryofall70,00 %5,99 €Cryofall servers
Starmade60,00 %5,99 €Starmade servers
Necesse33,00 %6,02 €Necesse servers
Barotrauma75,00 %6,24 €Barotrauma servers
Day of Infamy50,00 %6,24 €Day of Infamy servers
Mordhau75,00 %6,24 €Mordhau servers
One Hour One life50,00 %6,24 €One Hour One life servers
7 Days to Die 70,00 %6,89 €7 Days to Die servers
Arma 375,00 %6,99 €Arma 3 servers
Portal Knights65,00 %6,99 €Portal Knights servers
Battalion 194460,00 %7,99 €Battalion 1944 servers
Holdfast: Nations at War60,00 %7,99 €Holdfast: Nations at War servers
ARK: Sruvival Evolved67,00 %8,24 €ARK: Sruvival Evolved servers
Pavlovl VR60,00 %8,39 €Pavlovl VR servers
PixARK75,00 %8,49 €PixARK servers
Project Cars 285,00 %8,99 €Project Cars 2 servers
Longvinter30,00 %9,79 €Longvinter servers
Empyrion50,00 %9,99 €Empyrion servers
Unfortunate Spacemen50,00 %10,49 €Unfortunate Spacemen servers
Subsistence20,00 %11,17 €Subsistence servers
Project Zomboid33,00 %11,24 €Project Zomboid servers
Rising World25,00 %11,24 €Rising World servers
Hurtworld50,00 %11,49 €Hurtworld servers
Valheim30,00 %11,75 €Valheim servers
Space Engineers30,00 %11,89 €Space Engineers servers
Wreckfest60,00 %11,99 €Wreckfest servers
Avorion50,00 %12,49 €Avorion servers
Last Oasis50,00 %12,49 €Last Oasis servers
Day of Dragons25,00 %12,59 €Day of Dragons servers
The Isle33,00 %13,39 €The Isle servers
Sanctuary Island20,00 %13,43 €Sanctuary Island servers
Assetto Corsa Competizione66,00 %13,59 €Assetto Corsa Competizione servers
Craftopia35,00 %13,64 €Craftopia servers
Astroneer50,00 %13,99 €Astroneer servers
Post Scriptum50,00 %14,00 €Post Scriptum servers
Night of the Dead33,00 %14,06 €Night of the Dead servers
Stormworks30,00 %14,69 €Stormworks servers
Automobilista 260,00 %14,79 €Automobilista 2 servers
Beyond the Wire50,00 %14,99 €Beyond the Wire servers
Insurgency: Sandstorm50,00 %14,99 €Insurgency: Sandstorm servers
Satisfactory40,00 %17,99 €Satisfactory servers
V Rising10,00 %17,99 €V Rising servers
Conan Exiles50,00 %19,99 €Conan Exiles servers
Rust50,00 %19,99 €Rust servers
Eco - Global Survival15,00 %21,24 €Eco - Global Survival servers
DayZ40,00 %23,99 €DayZ servers
Squad33,00 %30,14 €Squad servers