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Satisfactory Dedicated Server

The beta version of the dedicated servers for Satisfactory has been released. The dedicated server version of the Satisfactory servers are of course also available at ZAP-Hosting.
Those who already have a Satisfactory server with us can easily switch to the new Satisfactory dedicated servers for free via our Gameswitch function:
In the web interface of your Satisfactory server, simply add "Satisfactory (Dedicated Server)" (previously: Satisfactory experimental) under Games and activate the server after installation.

You can rent an additional Satisfactory (Dedicated Server) server here:

Teamspeak servers updated to 3.13.6

We have updated all Teamspeak servers, including TS servers installed via the TS/Gameserver web interface for Linux servers (VPSs, Rootservers and Dedicated Servers) to version 3.13.6.
This version fixes an issue where query clients were not unbanned, and to protect privacy, support for the property client_estimated_location has been removed.

Using the TS/Gameserver web interface, you can install a Teamspeak server with full query permission on a Rootserver, VPS or Dedicated Server running Linux from us with one click. Check our docs on how to do it: Install TS servers with 1 click

Use the following voucher code to save 50% on the 1st payment of your next rootserver or VPS and install a TS server on it:


Go to our Linux servers here: