Step 02

Konfiguriere deinen Rootserver
About this product

Our Linux Rootserves offer even more performance compared to a Linux vServer. Assigned ordered resources for Linux Rootservers are not allocated dynamically, but 100% statically - You get exactly what you ordered all the time! Central NAS Storage Systems additionally offer extremely high hard drive speed and excellent safeguarding against failure.

Every Linux Rootserver includes a Game and Ts3 Webinterface of our own development. After integrating the webinterface (can be done by you at no cost if you wish) you have access to almost all of the Games from our Gamecloud ready for you to install them. The required dependencies and packets are shown on screen, if they are not installed. Larger projects which require multiple servers and several IP-addresses often make use of ZAP Rootservers.

Complete SSH root access is also included. You are also welcome to install everything by hand the "oldschool" way or use your rootserver for different services, if you do not intend to use our offered Gameserver Webinterface Features.
There are no limits to the use of your ZAP Linux Rootserver and installation is done instantly without waiting time!