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Contacting Support to report problems

Troubleshooting your problem

Your server won't start? Or you are having problems which you cannot solve alone? No problem! Our support team is here for you.

However, before contacting our support team, we strongly recommend attempting few troubleshooting steps which may resolve or narrow down the problem.


Please keep in mind that we do not offer direct account-related support on our socials, only through our ticket system. This is because we value privacy and thus we only provide official support through our own ticket system.

Check your server's status

You can easily find the current status of all of our services, including your server by heading over to our Status Page and viewing the appropriate service.


On our status site, you can even subscribe via email to notificaitons for any service on our network! You can do this, by pressing the arrow button on the top right, selecting the scope and entering the email you would like notifications to be sent to.


If the product that you are having problems with is currently affected, we advise you to wait until this has been resolved. Our technicians are automatically alerted about any interruptions and will be working on solving the problem as soon as possible.

View your logs

Another troubleshooting method is to view the logs of your server. Regardless of what game or service you are running, you should view the contents of your console or the logs subdirectory to see if any errors are present. This can different widely depending on the game and service.


If you proceed to creat a ticket, it can be very useful to provide any logs or errors within your ticket content.

You can also view the event log for your service, by heading over to the Event log section on your product's webinterface. This will tell you about any events including restarts, power on and more that has occured recently.

Accessing the ticket system

You can access our ticket system via the ticket icon on the top navigation bar or by accessing the ticket page directly. If you are not currently logged in, you will be prompted to login before being able to access this page.

On the page, you will be able to view your active and previous tickets, as well as create a new ticket.


Creating a new ticket

If you are still in need of support, please contact our official support by accessing the ticket page within your webinterface once you have logged in.

Begin by pressing the Create Ticket button. Here you can choose between a regular ticket or Speed-UP ticket.


Next, simply fill out the form with all the necessary details about your problem and any troubleshooting you have done.

Here is a breakdown of useful information that you can provide:

  • Reference the topic which best fits for your ticket, including the server the ticket is about (if relevant).
  • A subject title which summarises what the ticket relates to.
  • A detailed description about the problem. Ask yourself questions such as: When did this start? How often does this happen? Have you tried any troubleshooting steps prior to the ticket?
  • Additional information, perhaps screenshots of errors, logs and anything else which may prove useful.


Once you are finished filling out the ticket form, you should press the Send Support Ticket button which will send the ticket to our support team!

Now you will have to wait until one of our fantastic support members replies to your ticket. We will inform you once we have replied by sending you an email to your associated email address on your account.