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The Server

Do you want to rent your TS3 server at ZAP in order to be able to communicate with your friends during an exciting match on one of our game servers? Then you can have many advantages, such as a high-quality DDoS protection that guarantees you a great uptime.

Your server runs exclusively on high-quality hardware from well-known brands, so you have no problems with your TeamSpeak 3 server purchase. Every gamer can confirm that Downtimes and Laggs can be very nerve-racking. Therefore, you should now switch to ZAP to avoid this serious problem.

In addition, we can guarantee you a very good connection, so that server-side packet losses no longer occur. In addition, you can rent the complete package with your own Ts3 server & My Music Bot, in so far as you want to listen to music with friends.

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1.90/Mo Ts3-Server rental
  • Full Access via the Webinterface, Updates can be done using just a mouse click
  • Unlimited Channels, Create as much channels as you want to
  • Full Access on the admin-token and the permissions system
  • Statistics can be watched in the webinterface
  • Creating Backups and restoring with just a mouse click

TeamSpeak-Server buying

Highend Server Hosting
  • SSD Serversystems Faster booting, best server performance
  • Intel E5-2650v4 processors High-performance processors from Intel for optimal uptimes and servers free from lagging
  • 328GB DDR4-RAM per host system, assigned depending on slots for your Voiceserver
  • Lizensiertes Hosting, only with official ATHP license
  • Easy payment & online instantly via PaySafeCard, PayPal, Call2Pay, HandyPay, Bitcoin or instant bank transfer
  • Prepaid or contract server, with ZAP there’s a right choice for everyone!

TeamSpeak 3 Server Hosting

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Booking periods

Graduations of prices
07 Days 30 Days 90 Days 360 Days
10 SLOTS 1.90 EURO
20 SLOTS 3.80 EURO
30 SLOTS 5.70 EURO
40 SLOTS 7.60 EURO
50 SLOTS 9.50 EURO
60 SLOTS 11.40 EURO
70 SLOTS 13.30 EURO
80 SLOTS 15.20 EURO
90 SLOTS 17.10 EURO
100 SLOTS 19.00 EURO
200 SLOTS 38.00 EURO
300 SLOTS 57.00 EURO
400 SLOTS 76.00 EURO
500 SLOTS 95.00 EURO
Ts3 Server rental cheap

You would like to rent your TeamSpeak 3 server from a professional with an official ATHP license? Then you are exactly right at ZAP! We provide you with an excellent Ts3 server hosting at the top price.

Thanks to extensive features, many advantages and years of experience, we can provide you with a good overall package. And best of all, there are high-quality Ts3 servers for a fair price, depending on your required slot number. Now you can order your own Ts3 server at ZAP and begin setting up your server within minutes!

ZAP-Hosting Software & Support
Just when you talk to your friends, it is important that your server runs smoothly. To ensure this, we protect your Prepaid TeamSpeak 3 server with a high-quality DDoS protection. Completely free of charge inclusive!

In addition, your server runs on the most recent hardware and with access to our central storage system you can create backups at any time. If you need help, our support team is ready for you every day.

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