The big VPS performance update at ZAP!

We are happy to announce that about 2 weeks ago we rolled out a major performance update for our VPS / Rootserver clusters.This update significantly improved the stability of ZAP hosting VPSs. In particular, problems caused by "bad neighbors", i.e. other customers on the host system causing problems, have been completely eliminated.

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The Steam Summer Sale is here! Save 50% on game servers with voucher code

🌞 The Steam Summer Sale is here! Save 50% on game servers with coupon code 😎
Get a Gameserver and save 50%The Steam Summer Sale is here and to go with the sale, we have a voucher code that will save you 50% on your next game-server: SUMMERGAMES

And for the undecided among you, we have created a list with all games reduced on Steam and the corresponding game-servers. The prices and discounts shown are valid for Germany, but usually the discounts are comparable in other regions:Game on SteamDiscount on SteamPrice on SteamGameservers at ZAPBlackwake90,00 %0,39 €Blackwake serversBroke Protocol75,00 %0,99 €Broke Protocol servers Rising Storm 2: Vietnam75,00 %1,25 € Rising Storm 2: Vietnam serversLeft 4 Dead 280,00 %1,63 €Left 4 Dead 2 serversReign of Kings80,00 %1,63 €Reign of Kings serversCounter-Strike Source80,00 %1,63 €Counter-Str...

Save more then 50% on game-servers with a voucher code and Cash in Deal

🌞 Save more then 50% on game-servers with a voucher code and Cash in Deal 😎
Get game-server and save more than 50%The weekend is here and we have a new voucher code for you. This time you can save 50% on the 1st payment of your next game-server with the following voucher code over this weekend until Tuesday, 21.06.2022: gameserver-17062022

The following links will take you directly to our game-servers:VPS hostingThis weekend: 10% extra ZAP coins with Cash in DealDuring this weekend we have also activated the Cash in Deal: Until next Tuesday, 21.06.2022, you get an extra 10% on top when you buy ZAP Coins: if you buy ZAP Coins for 10€, you get ZAP Coins worth 11€!
Hame-server news
Thanks to the voucher code and the cash-in deal, you can get a game-server for a very low price this weekend. Minecraft 1.19 has been released and our Vanilla, Fabric, Bedrock, Spigot, ...

V Rising servers with the BepInEx pack are now available

We have now added V Rising with the BepInExPack pre-installed to our game server cloud. The BepInExPack is a framework that adds plugin support to V Rising and there are already a lot of plugins that you can find on the website, among others, including additional server tools.
To add a plugin, all you need to do is copy the plugin files to the /BepInEx/plugins/ folder of your server and restart the server. Of course, make sure you have the appropriate plugins installed locally on your PC as well.
Thanks to our game server cloud, you can install a V Rising BepInEx server next to your V Rising server at no extra cost and activate it as needed. You can find instructions on how to do this here: Game Switch
If you prefer to rent an additional V Rising BepInEx server, you can do that here: V Rising BepInEx server hosting

The new DLC map Fjordur for ARK: Survival Evolved is now available

The new map Fjordur has been released for ARK and of course the map is already available on our ARK servers.If you have already rented an ARK server, you can change the map at any time under "Settings". To use the new map, enter Fjordur in the input field for the map, save the change and restart your server. The map will then automatically become active and you can go exploring with your friends right away!You want to get a new ARK server? Save 50% on the first payment of your next ARK server with the code 50-ARK. Click here to get to our ARK servers: ARK server hosting