Minecraft 1.20 has been released!

Minecraft 1.20, Trails & Tales, was released today, and we have of course already applied the update to our Minecraft servers! For now, Minecraft 1.20 is only available for Vanilla and Bedrock. From experience, it can take a few days until the latest version of Minecraft is also transferred to Forge, Spigot and other modifications for Minecraft. As soon as the latest version is available, we will of course upload it to our servers.

Minecraft 1.20 brings a whole host of changes, including new items, blocks and creatures, mostly related to the new archaeology feature.

>If you have a Minecraft server other than Vanilla or Bedrock, you can always install an additional Minecraft server on your server for free thanks to our game switching feature and thus already test out the new update. You can find instructions here:

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New Minecraft modpack server pre-orders
Also, you can now pre-order the following Minecraft modpack servers, which will be integrated into our systems soon:Create OptimizedBigChadGuys PlusBetter Adventures+Cursed Walking

We have updated our docs

📄 We have updated our docs 👍The Docs look better than everSome of you may already have noticed, but our docs (or classically: documentation or information pages) have been completely renewed. We have switched to the latest version of Docusaurus. In addition to the navigation on the left, you now also have the option of jumping directly to docs for e.g. game-servers or dedicated servers via the bar at the top, and we are planning further improvements, which will also be made possible by the new version, in order to be able to offer you even better documentation on our services. Click here for our ZAP Hosting Docs:
ZAP-Hosting Docs

New pre-orders
You can also pre-order the following Minecraft modpack servers, which will soon be integrated into our systems:Create Optimized
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Gloomrot is here! V Rising servers available at ZAP-Hosting

🎮 Gloomrot is here! V Rising servers available at ZAP-Hosting 👍We have the V Rising servers for the Gloomrot expansionThis week Gloomrot, the big and free expansion for V Rising, was released. Gloomrot offers massive new content, including multi-level castles that you can build and equip with new decorations, a new territory system and a completely new zone: Gloomrot. Gloomrot consists of 2 areas with over 30 new enemy types and 13 new, even stronger bosses, for which you will definitely need items with the higher level cap.
The V Rising servers from ZAP-Hosting of course support the new Gloomrot expansion and here you can rent your own V Rising server with Gloomrot:
V Rising server hosting

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New Minecraft and game-servers from ZAP

🎮 New Minecraft and game-servers from ZAP 👍Many new Minecraft Modpacks availableIn the last few weeks we have integrated a number of new and exciting modpacks for Minecraft into our systems. Wo why not try out a Minecraft server again?
Thanks to our game-server cloud, you don't even need to rent an additional game server if you already have one. Just install a second game server.
You can read in our ZAP-Hosting-Docs how to do that:
ZAP-Hosting-Docs: Gameswitch New Minecraft Modpacks availableWe have added the following Minecraft Modpacks to our systems in the last weeks. Check them out and try them out:
Cobblemon UpdatedNomifactory (GTCEu port)JojveinCreate Live 4FTB SkiesMore AnimalsMasters of Engineering and TimeCreate: AstralCreate+One Block MCInsane Craft Lite
DDraceNetwork and Nienix servers now available
We also have added game-servers for the games ...