Avorion has been updated to version 2.0, servers are of course available at ZAP-Hosting

After the 2.0 version for Avorion was extensively tested on the beta servers, the new version has now been officially released. Among other things, there is a new progression system, an autopilot, a revision of the fighters and crew improvements. The latest version is now pre-installed by default on our servers of the beta branch as well as on the normal servers. You can rent your next Avorion server here:

Version 4.5.0 available for txAdmin servers

We have also updated our txAdmin FiveM servers to version v4.5.0. With this version a memory leak that affected large servers was fixed, NoClip performance improved, a "delete vehicle" option added and a problem with the "Spectate" function fixed. Click here to go to our txAdmin servers:

Voucher code for game-servers

If you are now in the mood for an Avorion or txAdmin server, we have a voucher code for. With the following voucher code you save 50% on the 1st payment of your next game-server:


Voucher code for Dedicated Servers extended

Some of you pointed out a mistake in the last newsletter. The given date was wrong of course, 10.11. is not even a Friday. Therefore we extend the voucher code, with which you can permanently save 5% on your next dedicated server, by one week. You can redeem the following coupon code until 17.09.2021: