Satisfactory servers are available! Mod support is available as well!

Our Satisfactory servers have now gone live and will be set up immediately after your order. You can play directly on the servers. However, since Satisfactory is an Early Access game in development, we recommend that you check out our documentation on the Satisfactory servers. Modded Satisfactory servers have also been added. The Modded Satisfactory servers support mods and the Satisfactory mod manager. Instructions on how to install mods can be found in our documentation.
Important: A Modded Satisfactory server is required to use mods. If you already have a Satisfactory vanilla server, you can install a Modded Satisfactory server in addition to your existing server thanks to our game-server cloud. Our documentation explains how to do that.
You do not have a Satisfactory server yet? Save 50% on the 1st payment of your next-game server with the voucher code satisfactory50! Here you can rent our Satisfactory servers:

New game-servers available

In addition to Satisfactory, we have integrated other game servers into our cloud. Now you can also rent Garry's Mod: Trouble in Terrorist Town 2 servers! You can find the newly added game servers here:

Apply for the upcoming Minecraft Tournament!

We'll be hosting a Minecraft: Survival Games tournament towards the end of next month, with prizes including ZAP products, merchandise, and ZAP coins. The tournament will be streamed on our Twitch channel and we'll be posting more info on our social media and Discord soon. However, you can already sign up for the tournament here: