We wish you a Merry Christmas

We at ZAP-Hosting would like to wish you a Merry Christmas!
Christmas is just around the corner and you are certainly already looking forward to your presents.
Of course we have a little surprise for you: With the voucher code "XMAS-2022" you can save 50% on all servers except lifetime servers and dedicated servers and we have also activated the Cash in Deal!
Over the Christmas period you can get voucher codes and goodies via our social media channels, so make sure you follow us Go to our social media channels here:

Cash In Deal activated

We have activated the Cash in Deal until the end of the year!
This means that you get 10% extra credit when you buy ZAP Coins!
If you buy ZAP Coins for 10€, you will receive ZAP Coins worth 11€. And of course, the Cash in Deal can be combined with the other voucher codes and additional discounts for longer periods, for example, so you can still get great bargains until the end of the year!
Click here for the Cashbox:

Save 50% with voucher code

Over the Christmas period you can save 50% on all our servers (except purchase servers and dedicated servers) with the voucher code "XMAS-2022" and of course combine this code with other savings opportunities, such as the Cash-In-Deal. Save 50% with the following code:


Last stream of the year

Last but not least, there will also be a livestream with Rugile this year!
On Friday, 30.12.2022, our last livestream of the year will take place from 19:00 CET.
Of course, the ZAP Wheel of Fortune will be brought out again, there will be voucher codes, ZAP Coins and certainly a few surprises.
You can watch the livestream on our Twitch channel:

In addition, we have now added the following Minecraft modpack servers to our systems, which will now be set up automatically immediately after ordering: