We have now added V Rising with the BepInExPack pre-installed to our game server cloud. The BepInExPack is a framework that adds plugin support to V Rising and there are already a lot of plugins that you can find on the Thunderstore.io website, among others, including additional server tools.
To add a plugin, all you need to do is copy the plugin files to the /BepInEx/plugins/ folder of your server and restart the server. Of course, make sure you have the appropriate plugins installed locally on your PC as well.
Thanks to our game server cloud, you can install a V Rising BepInEx server next to your V Rising server at no extra cost and activate it as needed. You can find instructions on how to do this here: Game Switch
If you prefer to rent an additional V Rising BepInEx server, you can do that here: V Rising BepInEx server hosting