Soon we will open a new server location in Barcelona, Spain

Within the next months, probably in November, we will open a new server location in Barcelona, Spain. At this location we will be able to offer you almost all products, including VPSs and root-servers, directly at the start.
Existing game-servers, but not root-servers or VPSs, will be able to be easily transferred to the location via the upgrade and downgrade function.
At the launch of the new site we will also not be able to offer dedicated servers in Barcelona. Dedicated servers will continue to be available only at the location in Germany.
With Dedicated Server you rent the complete host system and can even install any operating systems and virtual machines on the server. As a small consolation, you can permanently save 5% on your next Dedicated Server with the following code until next Friday (10.09.2021):


You can rent a dedicated server via the following link:

New Minecraft modpack and game-servers

We will also be bringing Last Oasis servers online next week and have integrated servers for the Minecraft modpack Last Days of Humanity into our systems this week. Last Oasis servers can still be pre-ordered and will be set up automatically as soon as the server files are integrated into our systems. Servers for Last Days of Humanity will be set up automatically after ordering: