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Contract or Prepaid: What are the differences?

Learn more about the differences between contracts and prepaids

Billing type "Prepaid"

All server products where you select "Prepaid" as "Billing type" will automatically expire after the paid time. You then have 14 days to reactivate your locked server. If you do not do this, it will be irrevocably deleted.


Prepaid servers can also be deleted at any time during the paid term under "Contracts & Prepaids". In contrast to contract servers, prepaid servers can also be booked for a shorter period of 7 days. You can order a prepaid server anonymously. We do not ask you for personal data. Prepaid servers are 10% more expensive than contract servers.

Billing type "Contract"

All server products for which you selected "Contract" as "Billing type" during the order process will be automatically renewed unless you cancel them.


If you pay with PayPal or credit card, a payment agreement is automatically created on a contract server, unless you explicitly deactivate this. So it can't happen that you forget to pay and run the risk of having to pay reminder fees.



You also have the possibility to deactivate the checkbox "subscription payment" during the order process. We will send you an invoice on a regular basis, which you will have to pay manually in the customer portal.

You have the possibility to add or remove subscription payment to a contract at any time later. To do so, open the navigation point "Contracts & Prepaids" in the customer portal