Step 02

Konfiguriere deinen vServer
About this product

A Windows vServer is the most affordable option to obtain a Windows based Server including a Windows License . To administer a Windows Server by ZAP you do not need any advanced knowledge!
Administration is done via Remote Desktop Connection Manager, which is preinstalled on every Windows Computer. Once you are connected to your Windows Server you can install and start everything with a mouseclick, much like on your own computer.
The advantage of a Windows Server over your computer:
Regardless of your computer being on or off - the Windows vServer and the services you started continiue running!

So in case some services are supposed to run permanenty without your PC running 24/7, this is the perfect alternative!
Every Windows vServer is equipped with extensive DDoS Protection. Our DDoS System shows you all present and past attacks. In addition you can permanently activate a Layer 7 Protection for Hompages on your vServer.
There is a selection of Windows Server Operating Systems containing Windows 2012 R2 Datacenter, Windows 2008 R2 Datacenter or Windows 2016 R2 Datacenter.

Start right away: No waiting time after ordering, installation begins automatically after ordering.