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Server.cfg settings

Configure your server.cfg in Garry's Mod.

To change the server.cfg directly through our webinterface, we go to the Configs-Tab.


after that we open the server.cfg in our built in Config-Editor.


You are now in our Config-Editor, here you can change all variables as desired, please be sure to do not mix Settings between our Settings-Tab and the server.cfg this could effect: hostname, rcon_password and sv_password.

Possible Variables to customize your Garry's Mod Server:


sbox_maxprops 150       //Sets the maximum limit of props a player can have.
sbox_maxragdolls 10 //Sets the maximum limit of ragdolls a player can have.
sbox_maxballoons 10 //Sets the maximum limit of balloons a player can have.
sbox_maxeffects 10 //Sets the maximum limit of effects a player can have. (FPS sensitive)
sbox_maxdynamite 10 //Sets the maximum limit of dynamite a player can have.
sbox_maxlamps 10 //Sets the maximum limit of lamps a player can have.
sbox_maxthrusters 10 //Sets the maximum limit of thrusters a player can have.
sbox_maxwheels 10 //Sets the maximum limit of wheels a player can have.
sbox_maxnpcs 10 //Sets the maximum limit of npcs a player can have.
sbox_maxhoverballs 10 //Sets the maximum limit of hoverballs a player can have.
sbox_maxvehicles 10 //Sets the maximum limit of vehicles a player can have.
sbox_maxbuttons 10 //Sets the maximum limit of buttons a player can have.


sbox_plpldamage 0 / 1   //0 = PVP off, 1 = PVP on
sbox_godmode 0 / 1 //0 = off, 1 = on (Godmode of all players)
sbox_noclip 0 / 1 //0 = Noclip off, 1 = Noclip on
sv_noclipaccelerate 3 //Changes the speed of noclip.
sv_alltalk 1 //If enabled, you can every player on the server.

Network related settings (No changes recommended)

sv_minrate 0            //Lowest Connectionspeed
sv_maxrate 10000 //Highest Connectionspeed
sv_minupdaterrate 10 //Lowest Tickrate
sv_maxupdaterrate 66 //Highest Tickrate
net_maxfilesize 64 //Highest Filesize which can be transferred without FastDL.
sv_lan 0 //Makes the game a online game.
sv_region 3 //0+1 = US, 2 = South Africa, 3 = Europe, 4 = Asia, 5 = Australia, 6 = Middle East, 7 = Africa, 255 = Worldwide

If you have changed everything as desired, you just need to save your changes.


After a server reboot all changes are live.