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GTA: SAMP Server Hosting

About the game

GTA: San Andreas Multiplayer is a modification of the initially in 2004 released open world shooter, that adds huge multiplayer elements to the game. At the same time, almost all features of the singleplayer mode are still accessible to enjoy with other players. Other than Rockstar’s GTA V Online, GTA: San Andreas Multiplayer enables a massive variety of different play styles. Due of that, role playing servers, like many others, enjoy big popularity.

Have you ever had the chance to play GTA: San Andreas with a friend of yours, but without having to share the controller? If your answer is ‘no’ then now might that dream come true with using the help of our prepaid GTA: San Andreas Multiplayers servers. Within just a few seconds after purchase, you can both sit in your stolen vehicle. And if that’s still not enough, you can even upload your own expansions and scripts through your free FTP access.

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2.00/Mo Prepaid GTA: San Andreas Multiplayer Server
  • Full access via FTP, install upgrades with only a mouse click
  • Ingame console for sending commands etc.
  • EasyConfig for understanding and editing the server settings
  • Backup creation and recovery with only a mouse click

GTA: San Andreas Multiplayer Server Hosting

Highend server hosting
  • SSD server systems Faster booting times, best GTA: SAMP server performance
  • Intel E5-2650v4 processors High-performance processors from Intel for optimal uptimes and servers free from lagging
  • 328GB DDR4-RAM per host system, assigned depending on slots & RAM boost for your GTA: SAMP game server
  • Easy payment & online instantly via PaySafeCard, PayPal, Call2Pay, HandyPay, Bitcoin or instant bank transfer
  • Prepaid or contract server, with ZAP there’s a right choice for everyone!

GTA SAMP Game Server

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07 Tage 30 Tage 90 Tage 360 Tage
20 SLOTS 2.00 EURO
30 SLOTS 3.00 EURO
40 SLOTS 4.00 EURO
50 SLOTS 5.00 EURO
60 SLOTS 6.00 EURO
70 SLOTS 7.00 EURO
80 SLOTS 8.00 EURO
90 SLOTS 9.00 EURO
100 SLOTS 10.00 EURO
110 SLOTS 11.00 EURO
120 SLOTS 12.00 EURO
130 SLOTS 13.00 EURO
140 SLOTS 14.00 EURO
150 SLOTS 15.00 EURO
160 SLOTS 16.00 EURO
170 SLOTS 17.00 EURO
180 SLOTS 18.00 EURO
190 SLOTS 19.00 EURO
200 SLOTS 20.00 EURO
210 SLOTS 21.00 EURO
220 SLOTS 22.00 EURO
230 SLOTS 23.00 EURO
240 SLOTS 24.00 EURO
250 SLOTS 25.00 EURO
260 SLOTS 26.00 EURO
270 SLOTS 27.00 EURO
280 SLOTS 28.00 EURO
290 SLOTS 29.00 EURO
300 SLOTS 30.00 EURO
310 SLOTS 31.00 EURO
320 SLOTS 32.00 EURO
330 SLOTS 33.00 EURO
340 SLOTS 34.00 EURO
350 SLOTS 35.00 EURO
360 SLOTS 36.00 EURO
370 SLOTS 37.00 EURO
380 SLOTS 38.00 EURO
390 SLOTS 39.00 EURO
400 SLOTS 40.00 EURO
410 SLOTS 41.00 EURO
420 SLOTS 42.00 EURO
430 SLOTS 43.00 EURO
440 SLOTS 44.00 EURO
450 SLOTS 45.00 EURO
460 SLOTS 46.00 EURO
470 SLOTS 47.00 EURO
480 SLOTS 48.00 EURO
490 SLOTS 49.00 EURO
500 SLOTS 50.00 EURO
Rent your prepaid GTA: San Andreas Multiplayer server
You’re bored from playing GTA: San Andreas on your own? Then now is the time to rent your own prepaid GTA: San Andreas Multiplayer server, so you’re able to share the fun with your friends or even an entire community. Our web interface gives you everything you need to change even the most complex setting in the blink of an eye.

Furthermore, thanks to the FTP access included for free, you can use your own scripts to supplement your server with new game modes and much more. Like that, your server can be adjusted to realistic conditions among others. Do you get bored after playing for a while? – Don’t worry! You can switch between each of our offered game all the time without any additional charges using our game cloud.

GTA San Andreas Multiplayer instant & save
During a hot pursuit involving the police or other players, it’s really annoying to encounter performance errors. One of our top priority is to prevent sorrows like these. That’s why each of our game servers include a free DDoS protection and are running on the most recent hardware. Through that, your experience is going to stay uninterrupted for sure.

Additionally, with us you have the chance to create free backups of your server all around the clock. In case you need help with that or anything else, our support is available to help you out any day from 10:30AM to 11:00PM. You may contact us via telephone, email, live chat, and even more.

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