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Connect to the server


Are you unsure about what you need to connect to your server in general or how to do it exactly? Don't worry! We will explain you in the following step by step what you will need to connect to your server, how to connect to it afterwards and what to consider in general. This should allow you to successfully connect to your server without any problems! :)



First of all, it is necessary to clarify which requirements have to be met so that a connection to the server is possible. This includes, for example, the game, additional content (extensions) and the general server information such as IP address, port and server name.

Game / Contents

For the connection to your game server, it is mandatory that you already own the game. This is not provided by us when renting a server. It is also relevant which version of the game is used. The standard Valheim version does not require any additional content. However, if you have ordered a Valheim Plus or Valheim BepInEX server, then you will also need the client-side modification. We also offer a guide for the installation: Valheim Plus

Server information

Provided that all requirements of Game / Content are met, you will need the information of your server. Click on your game server service in your dashboard. The overview will now show you all general information about your server.


Zu den relevanten Informationen gehören hierbei die IP-Adresse, Port und Passwort. Diese solltest du dir merken/notieren, da du diese gleich für deinen ersten Verbindungsaufbau zu deinem Server benötigst.

Connect to the server

Once all the requirements have been met, you can begin to connect to the server. To do this, start your game and then navigate to Start Game -> Start -> Join Game and click on Add Server. Now enter the IP and port of your server:


The server should now be displayed in the server list. Double-click on the server to establish the connection to the server.

Potential problems and solutions

The establishment of the connection does not work as expected? This may happen in certain situations, when the connection fails due to a technical problem. We have listed the most common problems and their solutions below:

Not visible

A lack of visibility of the server can occur if the initialization was not completed successfully for some reason. This may for example be due to a faulty configuration, faulty mods/plugins or corrupted files. Further information can usually be traced in the server console or log files.

Connection failed

**Valheim Plus: ** The connection may fail if the necessary Valheim Plus extension is not installed on the client or it is running on a different version. Make sure that the Valheim Plus extension/modification is installed and functional. This can usually be seen in the main menu by the "Valheim Plus" heading and version.

The mentioned solutions have not solved your problem yet or do not apply in your case? In this case, we are also available to you daily in support. Simply create a Ticket and explain your problem to us. We will have a look at it as quickly as possible and assist you in solving the problem accordingly! :)