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Submit suggestions

Submit Suggestions

Can suggestions be submitted?

Suggestions can be submitted on our suggestion page. We regularly review and evaluate all suggestions. The suggested page can be found under the following link:

What suggestions can be submitted?

In principle, all types of suggestions can be submitted. We place particular emphasis on suggestions for the categories "game request" and "web interface features".

How are suggestions submitted?

To submit a suggestion, simply click on the "Suggest Feature" button on the suggestion page. A form opens in which the suggestion can be entered and the category ("Game request", "Web Interface Feature" and "Miscellaneous") can be selected. The suggestion is submitted using the "Suggest Now" button.



What should be considered when suggesting games?

In principle, any game or modpack for which we do not yet offer a game server can be proposed. We review all suggestions and decide whether it makes sense to add a particular game. Minecraft modpacks can of course be suggested under "Game Request".

  • For game suggestions, it is sufficient to only enter the game name / modpack name and, if necessary, a link to the website of the game/modpack. Example:

    RLCraft :::

  • The newer or more current a game, the better.

    For new games, we make sure that there is a certain minimum demand, so we assume that servers are also rented. Games and modpacks that are only played by a very small number of players and / or have been on the market for a long time and are also no longer updated are less likely to be integrated into our gameserver cloud.

  • We are constantly checking whether it makes sense to add games for the game server interface for virtual servers.

    Therefore, it is usually not necessary to add requests for games for the game server interface.

What needs to be considered with web interface features

Web interface features are all features that are available on our website and in the web interface. This can include very small things on the website, but also complex features that offer new functions.

What happens after my suggestion is submitted?

We look at all the new suggestions and decide whether it makes sense to accept the suggestion or even implement it directly. If a suggestion is accepted, but is not implemented directly, you can use a "Like" to show that this suggestion is important to you. The more likes, the higher the likelihood that a suggestion that has not yet been implemented will be considered.