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At ZAP-Hosting we always thrive to do the best that we can, thus we welcome any feedback and suggestions from our Community. We provide the ability to do this easily directly through our Suggestions Page on the site.

Through our Suggestion Page, the ZAP Community can vote on which suggestions are the most important and wanted, so that we can prioritise development based on the most voted suggestions. In most cases, the higher the interest, the higher priority the suggestion becomes.

Suggestions Page

You can access suggestions directly through our Suggestions Page on our site or the following link:

On the page, you will see currently Work in progress suggestions grouped at the top for easy access. These are suggestions that have been reviewed and are actively being worked on by our team. Scrolling down, you will find Submitted suggestions which are ones that a customer has submitted which has been approved, but which is not being worked on currently.

You are also able to pick a certain category to display suggestions under and also view finished suggestions throught the toggle.

Acceptable Suggestions

In general, any type of suggestion regarding our services can be submited. In particular, we welcome new suggestions for game requests as well as webinterface features.

If you have a suggestion regarding other areas such as our ZAP Community or events, which are not fully relevant to our services, we always welcome your feedback on our ZAP-Hosting Discord Server.

Considerations for new game suggestions

When submiting a new game suggestion, we review it and decide whether it makes sense to add a particular game based on a few factors. Generally, any game or modpack that we do not offer as a game server currently can be proposed and it will be reviewed.


When suggesting a game, it is sufficient enough to enter the game or modpack name and also a link to the appropriate game or modpack site.

Some of the factors that we review for new game or modpack suggestions include whether there is a certain minimum demand for the game, the age of the game and whether it is still popular and actively maintained/updated.

Considerations for new webinterface features

When submitting a new webinterface feature, ensure that it relates to our ZAP-Hosting website and the webinterface panels such as your game server's webinterface.

Any ideas are welcome here, whether it is a small suggestion for improvement or an entirely new feature that you believe should be included on our website and webinterface panels.

Creating a Suggestion

Before submitting a new suggestion, we highly encourage you to use your browser's search function via CTRL+F to search whether your exact suggestion has already been posted previously. If so, you can like the existing post rather than creating a duplicate.

You can create a new suggestion using the green Suggest feature button on the Suggestions Page. This will open up a form, where you can fill out details and place it into the appropriate category. You can be as detailed as you wish in your suggestion description, as long as it describes the point well.

We recommend being logged in to do this, or alternatively you can fill in the email section if you are not logged in to your ZAP-Hosting account at the time of submitting your suggestion.


After Suggestion Sumbission

Once you have submitted your suggestion successfully, we regularly check for new suggestions and make a decision whether to approve it if it is acceptable, or occasionally we may even implement it directly.

As mentioned in the introduction, fellow members of the ZAP Community can like your suggestion to show the importance of the suggested item. The more likes that the suggesiton receives, the more likely it is that the suggestion will be considered and worked on in the future.