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Colored Servername


For showing your server in the public server list its required to set a pastebin ID. You can find our guide here.

The server must be turned off for changes to take effect.

Open your server settings and check if 'SCP Servername' is empty.

When you are sure, that there is nothing entered, please navigate to the 'Configs' Tab, which is one menu below the settings.

Open now the config_gameplay.txt by pressing the blue button.

Our Config-Editor is now open, you can modify your Servername with "server_name" by using RichText you can use several different colors.

In this example, I would like that "Green Text, "Blue Text" and "Red Text" is shown in the matching color.

To do that, its required to use the <color="COLOR">Your Text</color> tag, you can see all available colors here its also possible to change other attributes, like the size.


It is important to remember that quotes " " is required around the actual color inside the tag. As the example above has.

When you're done with your customization, save them.


Start your server, then your server name will be colored now.