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Installation of resources


Resources can be used to expand your RedM server with additional features. This is especially interesting if you are planning to start larger projects, such as a roleplay server or similar. Something like this can't be done without such additional resources.

RedM and its community offers a large variety of resources. An overview of the most popular resources can be found on the Forum:


The installation of resources is done via FTP. You will need an FTP client to upload files to your server. If you are not familiar with using FTP, we recommend you to have a look at the FTP file access guide.

Downloaded resources are usually offered in a compressed format. This means that you have to uncompress the compress files with an unpacking program such as 7Zip, Winrar or WinZip. The uncompressed resource folder should contain at least the following files: __resource.lua or fxmanifest.lua as well as the associated script files.


In the case that these files are not present, it may be that they are located in a subdirectory withing the resource.


Uploading files

You must now upload the previously uncompressed files as an individual folder (if not already). Your folder must be uploaded to the server's resource directory.


The directory structure typically looks like:


Certain resources cooperate with a database and therefore often already contain SQL files that have to be imported into the database. If this is the case, head over to our SQL File Import guide to learn more about how to do this.


To ensure that the installed resource is loaded on server startup, you must first activate it in the server.cfg file for your server. The activation is done via the start [example resource] command.

For example, if you have uploaded the resource with the folder name eup-ui, the start command in the config must look like this:

start eup-ui

You can access your server.cfg file either through FTP (as seen above), or via the Configs section on your gameserver's webinterface.


Please ensure that the name of the previously created folder is the same as what is found in the start command. This includes being case sensitive.

Finally, you can restart your server. The installed resource should now be loaded next time your server has fully started.

You have successfully installed a resource into your RedM gameserver!