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Change server icon for the server list

Are you looking to customise your server and set your own custom icon for your server? This can be done easily! In this guide you will learn how to prepare an image and set it as your new custom server icon.


In order to set a custom server icon for your RedM server, you must first perpare an image file that is in the size of 96x96 pixels and that is in the PNG image format (.png file extension).

We recommend using an image manipulation program such as GIMP, or simply use an online website tool to resize and convert your existing image.

Once you have prepared the image which follows those parameters, you are ready to upload it and set it in your server configuration.


Uploading files

The next step is to upload your ready image to your RedM gameserver, which is done through the use of FTP. If you are not familiar with using FTP, we recommend you to have a look at the FTP file access guide.

Once you are logged in to FTP, navigate to the folder gXXXX/redm/server-data/ and upload your server icon file there. Make sure to remember what the file is called.



To ensure that the icon is loaded on server startup, you must now set it in the server.cfg file for your server, under the load_server_icon parameter.

For example, if you have named your icon zaphosting96x96, the set command would be:

# Loading a server icon (96x96 PNG file)
load_server_icon zaphosting96x96

You can access your server.cfg file either through FTP (as seen above), or via the Configs section on your gameserver's webinterface.


Please ensure that the name of the image file set in the command exactly matches what you previously uploaded. This includes being case sensitive.

Finally, you can restart your server. Your new server iocn will be loaded next time your server has fully started and will should show up on the server list shortly.

You have successfully set a custom server icon on your RedM gameserver!