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First Steps - Preorders

What are Preorders?

Some products can be ordered at as pre-orders. This means that this product has not yet been integrated into our systems, but will be added in the future. The servers will be set up automatically once the product has been added.

How do I recognize pre-orders?

Pre-orders are marked as pre-orders on the product page.

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When will I receive my pre-ordered server?

Pre-ordered servers will be set up fully automatically once the product is set up in our gameserver cloud. We will send an email as soon as the server has been set up. The time until pre-ordered servers are installed can vary greatly, because it may depend on when server files are released. Basically we try to install pre-ordered products as soon as possible.

When do pre-ordered products have to be paid? When does the running time start?

The 1st term of a pre-ordered product must be paid directly at the time of ordering. The 1st term begins with the provision of the server. The 2nd payment (in case of a contract or the extension of a prepaid server) is due at the end of the 1st term. A preordered server causes no further costs as long as it is not yet set up.

I have pre-ordered a server and do not want to wait any longer? Can I get my money back?

For pre-ordered servers that have not yet been set up and can still be ordered as a pre-order, the amount already paid will be refunded. For this it is sufficient to contact our support.