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Resource limit - Unlocking a game server

Suspension of your game server

Oh snap, it unfortunately happened! But why? The causes for a suspension can be manifold. This needs to be checked and fixed as soon as possible. This is what it looks like if your game server has been suspended: image

The reason for the suspension is that the resource limit has been exceeded. This means that the server consumes more resources than you have booked for your service over a longer period of time. This is not a problem if the limit is exceeded for a short period of time. There we still provide more resources to avoid immediate suspension and potential problems.

However, if the limit is exceeded for a longer period of time, the server will be suspended automatically. By clicking on the red question mark you can see the reason with more detailed information.


The overview will show you how much resources you have available, how much you have used over a longer period of time and how much we would recommend for regular use. This should give you the opportunity to recognize where active action is needed and to be able to take appropriate steps.

Unlocking of your gameserver

There are three options available to you to unlock your game server in order to fix the problem and restore operation. The options Find faulty mods/scripts via console & temporarily unlock server, Perform upgrade and Create support ticket are explained in more detail below.


A sudden increase of load can be caused, for example, by recently made changes. This can happen due to the adjustment of existing content as well as due to the addition of new content, such as plugins or mods. Additional plugins/mods in particular often cause problems. This can for example be caused by faulty or badly programmed code.

In certain cases, something like this can lead to a memory leak. This means that the mods/plugins reserve memory, but then do not release it properly. As a result, the memory consumption keeps increasing and soon exceeds the limit.

As explained at the beginning, the causes for this can be manifold. To analyze the problem, the first thing to do is to take a look at the server console. This should usually provide helpful information to narrow down the possible causes. To do this, click on the Console button of Option 1. image


This process unlocks your service again so that you can address the problem. Be aware that if the load is exceeded for a long time again, the service will be suspended again. Please actively try to address the problem and find solutions.


An increase in load doesn't always have to be caused by problems, though. Depending on the game, this can also happen due to the growth of the project. If the scope of the game becomes larger or more extensive, then this will also bring consistent increased utilization with it. In that case, a paid upgrade would be necessary for a permanent solution. You can check the statistics to see how the utilization has developed in the recent past. You can also follow our recommendation for your upgrade. Click on the Execute button of Option 2.



Option 1 and 2 didn't help you or are not quite comprehensible? Don't worry! Feel free to contact our support team if you need our help. We will be happy to take a closer look at the problem with you to find the cause and possible solutions. To do so, create a ticket by clicking on the Execute button of Option 3.