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Set up your Discord Bot

📺Video: Do you prefer instructions in the form of a video or as an additional visual supplement? No problem! We also provide a video for this topic:

Connect to FTP

In order to be able to set up your Bot, the FTP access needs to be configured.


Once we are connected using FTP, we have to open our discordbot folder, this is where we upload our bot files:


Upload your Bot

We can now simply upload our bot files into the empty folder:


Configuring the Dashboard

To be able to run your bot using the Dashboard, the bot needs to be configured using the "Settings" Page:


Here we now have to configure which programming language the Bot uses, and how it's main file is called:


in our case this is python 3 and respectively.

Starting the Bot

After saving the Settings, the bot can simply be started using the green start button at the top of the page!

In the Live-Console you can then check if the bot has successfully started!