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Contribution Rewards

After ensuring that you follow our processes correctly, the final step involves publishing your changes and of course getting rewarded for it!

We reward our authors of new content up to 75€ paid out in ZAP Coins to the provided account upon creating a suggestion issue. Improvements to existing documentation content is typically rewarded within the 25€ region. The exact reward that you receive will depend on a range of factors including the quality, thoroughness and complexity of the changes that you have produced. The reward will be evaluated by a member of the ZAP-Hosting docs team once you submit a Pull Request for your topic that has been approved.


All rewards are under the discretion of the ZAP-Hosting docs team.

Another sweet benefit is a unique guides contributor role that you will receive on our Discord Server on your first contribution, as long as you provide your Discord ID during the submission process, to show off your efforts to supporting the community through guides and gain access to some exclusive content.

How to receive your reward

Once we have evaluated your Pull Request and are ready to publish the changes, we will directly credit the approved ZAP Coins to the specified account. We will let you know when your pull request has been accepted and when your reward has been added.