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ZAP Docs Contribution Program

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ZAP-Hosting docs contribution program

We believe in the power of community, which is why we run our own ZAP-Hosting docs contribution program which enables our community to produce high-quality, practical and easily accessible guides to support a wide range of topics and help out other fellow people. Of course, it also comes with the sweet benefit of ZAP Coins as a reward!

Our contribution program currently only accepts contributions in English. In order to comply with copyright laws, we cannot accept content from other sources. All content that is produced under our contribution program must be original work produced by you.

What qualifies for this program?

Under our contribution program, we currently accept updates and expansion to existing content, as well as new pages and content that you add to the documentation. The reward for the contribution will depend on a few factors, but primarily depends on the quantity and quality of the content and changes that you have produced. You can earn as much as €75 in ZAP Coins for the creation of a new page within our ZAP-Hosting Documentation!

Please check out the other pages in this section to understand the process for contributing, our guidelines and the rewards in more details prior to performing any contributions.

Who is this program for?

The contribution program is accessible to anyone who wants to share their knowledge and experience with the community! We actively look for dedicated writers who have strong technical skills and are knowledgeable in the respective field. Most importantly, we look for writers who are dedicated and are happy in collaborating with our ZAP-Hosting docs team to improve and revise their content prior to publishing.

Are you interested in joining the conversation and collaborating with other like-minded people? Feel free to join our Discord Server and use the #Customise Community channel to assign yourself the contribution role to keep updated with the latest changes, communicate with other contributors and to collaborate!

Provision of services

On demand and apparent necessity do we provide the services that are needed to create a guide for a limited period of time. This way we want to provide the possibility to create guides about topics even for those who don't have an active service for this at the moment. The request for a service can be made during the submission process.

The provisioning depends on a few factors. For example, the activity of your ZAP-Hosting account is evaluated, how active you have already been in terms of Docs contribution, and whether provisioning by us is absolutely necessary for the planned content.

If a service is provided, it will be made available to you free of charge for a limited period of time. The provision is limited to 1-3 days depending on the scope of the content and the required service.