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Community offers - become part of the ZAP-Hosting community

More than just "customers" - the community

We haven't been talking about "customers" for a long time now - many interact so frequently and intensively with our social-media offerings that we tend to see our customers as a community. In the following, we give a detailed list of all offers that we make available in addition to our products.


Under the Handle @zaphosting we twitter almost daily about our new products, what's happening in the company and the best recipes around pizza. (Yes, also Cat-Content is offered)


More picture, but not less content! On Instagram we offer insights into our office life and especially our Instagram Stories. Nothing comes much closer to our everyday life!


Back then we started like many other companies on Facebook. Followers can also enjoy our stories and receive extensive information about our innovations.


On our YouTube channel we regularly bring you tutorials about our products, information about the most interesting games and of course HD insights into everything that happens in our company.


Whoever deals with game servers must of course also test them. Exactly for this reason we fulfilled the wish and established a own Twitch channel! Here we are regularly live and present among other things our gameservers, test new modpacks, or realize gigantic giveaways!


Of course we also offer our community a common Discord Server. Here you get the chance to exchange with other gamers, get informed about new updates and chat with our staff. You want to join the server? Then use this invitation.

The direct line

Of course, you can also contact us personally via any of the platforms mentioned above. However, we would like to stress that we cannot and will not offer direct support via social media. If you have server-related problems, please always contact our live chat or the ticket system directly as described in /firststeps_problem_report. For all other concerns we are always available here.