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ZAP-Hosting Partner Program


Do you have a YouTube channel, stream on Twitch or run an awesome project? Awesome, you may be interested in becoming a ZAP-Hosting partner. Our partners advertise ZAP-Hosting on their platforms in return for great items such as free servers, money and more. We could even provide a server for a giveaway or raffle on occasions.


Our partner program is in particularly (but not limited) aimed at:

  • Content Creators
  • Gaming/eSports Clans
  • Gaming Communities
  • Blogs and Forums
  • Game Developers

One key determining factor is that your platform of choice has a certain minimum reach and that your target group has potential interest in gameservers and hosting.

As an example, if you are a content creator on YouTube creating Minecraft videos with an acceptable size in audience, you would be a perfect fit for our partner program. On the other hand, a channel such as for makeup tips is not an ideal fit for our affiliate program as the target audience does not fit with our business sector.

Required reach

As an affiliate, you are required to have a certain amount of reach in order to make a partnership make sense for us. We pay attention to a range of statistics and numbers to determine which applications are ideal as partners.

As an example, as a content creator we would pay particular attention to the number of video views that you have sustained over the past few months, where as in a forms or blog we would look for the number of members and contributions that are present regularly on your site.


As a general rule of thumb, we expect your reach to be around the four-figure (1,000+) range in order to be considered and accepted as a new partner.

What we offer - The benefits!

As an official partner of ZAP-Hosting you can get the following advantages:

  • You receive a personal account manager who serves as your point of contact and plans different actions with you.
  • You can receive free servers from us.
  • You can receive better affiliate commission conditions.
  • For events and promotions we gladly provide goodies (e.g. ZAP Coins, servers, hardware).
  • You will be linked on our partner site.

Partner Application

Now that you understand more about our awesome partner program, it might be time to apply. Our partner application process is super simple!

Head over to our partner site and simply fill out the application to the best of your ability. Once you are ready, hit that submit button and we will get back to you as soon as possible. Good luck!