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Two factor authentication (2FA) is an additional security measure. Using two-factor authentication makes the account much more secure, since an attacker would need to know both the password and the second factor to gain access. Even if the password is compromised, the account remains protected as long as the attacker does not also have the second factor. This makes two-factor authentication an effective way to increase the security of accounts and personal information.

Enable authentication

To activate the Two-Factor Authentication you must click on your name and then on Security:


There you have to click on the Two-Factor Authentication. The following window will then open:


If you now go to activate your code will be generated. You have to scan it with the Google Authenticator app:


Here you can download the Authenticator App with your mobile phone:

In the app you can then activate it under scan barcode:


Afterwards you have to enter a code when logging in which will be displayed in the app.

Deactivate authentication

To deactivate Two-Factor Authentication you can go back to the Security tab and select Deactivate:


If you no longer have the app or your mobile phone the second option would be to send an email to Afterwards the support will deactivate it for you.


This email must come from the account holder email.