Save up to 80% on Black Friday

Black Friday is here, and with it discounts and savings opportunities again. With our discounts you can, if you combine them cleverly, save up to 80% on a server! The following discounts are available for you during Black Friday and Black Friday Weekend:

Save 60% on servers on Black Friday!

On Black Friday you can save with the voucher code blackfriday-2022 60% off the first payment of a gameserver, VPS, Rootserver or Teamspeak server.
This voucher code is valid until Saturday, 26.11.2022 at 10:00 CET, so grab it. Use the following voucher code to save 60% on Black Friday:


Save 50% on servers during Black Friday Weekend!

For all those who didn't get their chance during Black Friday, we still have the voucher code blackweekend-2022, with which you can save 50% on the first payment of a gameserver, VPS, Rootserver or Teamspeak server.
This voucher code is valid until Monday, 28.11.2022 at 10:00 CET. Use the following voucher code,to save 50% on Black Friday Weekend:


Cash In Deal activated!

Additionally you can save thanks to the Cash in Deals! If you buy ZAP Coins over the Black Friday Weekend until Monday, 28.11.2022 at 10:00 CET, you can receive up to 20% extra ZAP Coins!
During Black Friday you will get more ZAP Coins than during the following days! Click here to get to the Cashbox:

Flash voucher codes

Also, keep your eyes open, because on Black Friday there will be flash voucher codes again!
These voucher codes are only valid for a short time and give discounts on products that are usually not discounted, like Dedicated servers, FiveM Upvotes and Lifetime servers, or give especially high discounts of up to 80% on selected servers!
We will publish the lightning voucher codes directly as a public notification on our site, as well as on our Blog!

Win Gaming PCs! (EU only)

The best comes at the end, of course: This Black Friday weekend we are giving away a total of 3 gaming PCs!

To enter the 1st PC prize draw, all you need to do is rent a product during Black Friday and use a Black Friday/Black Friday Weekend voucher code (blackfriday-2022/blackweekend-2022/Blitz voucher codes).
The winner will be drawn from all code uses.
The second PC will be given away via our social media channels. You can find the conditions of participation on the corresponding posts on our social media channels:

There will also be not one, but 2 Black Friday Weekend streams with Eli on Black Friday at 19:00 CET and on Saturday at 19:00 CET. The 3rd PC will be given away during the live stream on Saturday. So check it out to maybe win a gaming PC!

You can find more information about the PC giveaways in this blog post.

The PCs can only be sent to an EU address. To participate for any of the giveaways you must be a EU resident.