Paper Spigot has been updated to version 1.16.1. All customers who have a Paper Spigot server can update to version 1.16.1. All new Paper Spigot servers are automatically set up with version 1.16.1.
This is the link to our Paper Spigot servers: Paper Spigot server hosting

We have also added a new feature for Minecraft: Forge Server: The Forge Installer.
With the Forge Installer you can install any version of Forge on your server.

To install a Forge version, simply go to your server's settings in the web interface and select the item "alternative Forge-Version".
There you select the Minecraft-Version and then add the desired Forge version under "Forge-Version".
All Forge version designations can be found here:

To install the alternative Forge version, save your settings and restart the server.
Important: All data of your Forge server will be deleted! If you want to keep your data, make a backup of all your data first
This way to our Paper-Spigot servers: Minecraft Forge server hosting